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Licensing and Certification:

South Plains Aerial Imaging: Experience Beyond Mere Certification.

Jonathan Lindley, our Co-Founder and Chief Pilot, is licensed under 14 CFR § 107 to operate commercial Unmanned Aircraft Systems across the United States. Mr. Lindley’s aviation journey began with his initial licensing under 14 CFR § 61 in 2004. As a certified pilot, he has skillfully piloted 16 distinct aircraft models, spanning coast-to-coast flights in both the East and West of the nation, and navigating the challenging terrains of New Mexico and Colorado’s mountains. His experience encompasses the intricacies of national airspace, air navigation, aviation communications, aircraft performance and limitations, adverse weather operations, federal regulations, and emergency procedures.

Mr. Lindley’s extensive background includes pivotal roles within private and corporate aviation fixed-based operators, contributions to flight academies, and over 15 years of technical operations for a prominent US air carrier. Notably, he also proudly and honorably served in the United States Army as a Combat Medic for the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, 1st Battalion, 8th Mechanized Infantry Regiment.

For you, our respected clients, this translates to a partnership characterized by minimal risk and liability. Our unmanned aircraft operations prioritize flight safety through a culmination of 18 years of aviation proficiency. When you engage with South Plains Aerial Imaging, you’re not just enlisting a licensed drone operator; you’re enlisting a seasoned aviation specialist with nearly two decades of flight experience, fortified by a background in the United States Armed Forces.

Jonathan Lindley

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